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Virginia my Love...

In 2013, I took my first road trip to the #Art of Cool music festival in #Durham, NC. I travelled through the one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. The mountainous region of #Virginia took my breath away while I fell deeply in love once again with the miracle of nature. My timing couldn't have been better. In late April, early May when mountain landscapes explode with magical woodland wildflowers and the musical sounds of melting snow I avoided every turnpike in search of the most enchanting backroads. Since that first journey, I have made at least one #road trip per year, through, #Pennsylvania, #West Virginia, #Virginia, #Maryland and #North Carolina. I am finally beginning a series of posts aimed at sharing my experiences. My intention is to share this exquisite beauty while inspiring collective efforts to protect our planet of environmental pollutants in every form. I hope you will join me in fighting for clean air, water and earth. Bon Voyage!

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